Every Church Needs a Website

How an online presence can solidify your church's mission

A well-designed website can help a church carry out its mission by:

  1. Building community among existing members/attendees.
  2. Offering daily encouragement to people who only come to one service a week (if that).
  3. Delivering information about your church (and the Good News) to potential visitors.

Today, more than ever, people use the internet for social networking. That is also probably true of your congregation-even my wife's 80-year-old grandmother is online daily sending and receiving email. Today's teenagers and young adults have accounts on MySpace, which is specifically designed for "social" interaction. With web logs (blogs) and message boards, your website could be the new internet destination for people in your church and community.

If your church is like most, you only have one opportunity a week to speak Good News and truth to most of your congregation. Through your website, members, visitors, and casual attendees can read daily devotionals and Scripture-or even sign up to receive them in their email inboxes!

Perhaps most importantly, a website can deliver information about your church that you would otherwise never meet. Even in a small community, people search online to "preview" churches before visiting. When planning to start attending church or considering a switch from one church to another, most people want to know if they will fit in at a new church and whether that church provides ministries to meet their needs. Your website can answer most of these type of questions and help welcome a newcomer who may just need to hear the message you are called to preach.

I believe every Christian church should have a high-quality website that proclaims Jesus' Good News and welcomes people—believers and non-believers—to visit. If you agree, give me a call or email me so we can discuss putting your church online. If you'd like, feel free to visit my home church's website at Portsmouth First Church of the Nazarene.

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